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Our US employees take pride in the quality and finishes of our product and stand behind every product with a complete satisfaction warranty.  Listed below is a simple visual aid to help in your selection.
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The selection and installation of Flooring Trims does not have to be complicated. In fact it is one of simpler home improvement projects. You only need the basic information to make a great looking selection. 
     #1.  Know what type of flooring (carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic,etc)  and if putting the product between two different types of flooring you will need a rough idea of the difference in heights.
    #2. Select the appropriate trim, the width you prefer and the finish you prefer.  
    #3. Installation is usually simple and basically involves trimming the product to the correct size and installing it with nails or screws provided.  Refer to the directions on the back of each label for additional information.
Trim Selection Made Simple
    Underlayments that make sure you projects stays maintenance free

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